synthesis and synth programming - workshop 

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Want to start developing your own sound and start programming synthesizers? Tired of browsing through preset menus for hours and hours? You’ve got a sound in your head but you’ve got no idea how to make it?

Tapelab offers you a complete and unique program in Synthesis and Synth Programming. This hands-on course / workshop will allow you to create your own smooth pad sweeps, earth-shaking bass sounds and more in no time.

From preset-tweaking and developing your own sound; it’s a non-stop work in progress. Hardware, software, analogue, digital, …everything goes. You get lessons from highly experienced (electronic) music producers in a professional studio environment.


For whom? Anyone interested in synthesis and programming synthesizers.

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4 weeks, every saturday (10AM - 1PM), starting from 5 May 2018

Location: Tapelab Sound Academy, Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 2-4, 2018 Antwerpen

Your investment for the full program is 255.00 euro incl. VAT.  The course starts from 6 participants.


1. Basics

  • What is Subtractive Synthesis?

  • Signal Flow of a Subtractive Synth

2. Oscillators

  • Waveforms

  • Oscillator Options

  • Mixer

3. Filter

  • Lowpass, Highpass and Bandpass

  • Cutoff and Resonance

4. Modulators

  • Envelopes

  • LFO

5. Performance Controls

  • Modulation Wheel

  • Pitch Bend

  • Aftertouch

  • Velocity

6. Practical Examples

  • How to make drum sounds?

  • How to make bass sounds?

  • How to make lead sounds?

  • How to make FX sounds?

* Program subject to changes


We work according to the principle BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). This allows us to offer you a competitive price for the entire course.

Please provide the following material:

  • Laptop (Windows or Mac), charger and computer mouse

  • Any DAW will work because we will be using freeware to learn about Subtractive Synthesis

  • Headphones


Tapelab Sound Academy

Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 2-4

2018 Antwerp

Free Parking (10 min walking distance)

Parking Pidpa, Desguinlei

2018 Antwerpen

Public Transport

From Antwerp Central Station:

- Tram 2 and 6, get off at tram stop 'Antwerpen Provinciehuis'

- Bus 17 , get off at bus stop 'Antwerpen Provinciehuis'