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 synthesis and synth programming - workshop 

Tapelab, Moog Voyager, Analog Synthesizer, Keyboard, Filter, Oscillator, Synthesis Workshop, Synth Progamming Workshop

Want to start developing your own sound and start programming synthesizers? Tired of browsing through preset menus for hours and hours? You’ve got a sound in your head but you’ve got no idea how to make it?

Tapelab offers you a complete and unique program in Synthesis and Synth Programming. This hands-on course / workshop will allow you to create your own smooth pad sweeps, earth-shaking bass sounds and more in no time.

From preset-tweaking and developing your own sound; it’s a non-stop work in progress. Hardware, software, analogue, digital, …everything goes. You get lessons from highly experienced (electronic) music producers in a professional studio environment.


For whom? Anyone interested in synthesis and programming synthesizers.

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1. Basics

  • What is Subtractive Synthesis?

  • Signal Flow of a Subtractive Synth

2. Oscillators

  • Waveforms

  • Oscillator Options

  • Mixer

3. Filter

  • Lowpass, Highpass and Bandpass

  • Cutoff and Resonance

4. Modulators

  • Envelopes

  • LFO

5. Performance Controls

  • Modulation Wheel

  • Pitch Bend

  • Aftertouch

  • Velocity

6. Practical Examples

  • How to make drum sounds?

  • How to make bass sounds?

  • How to make lead sounds?

  • How to make FX sounds?

* Program subject to changes

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