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 electronic music producer - education / course 

Tapelab, Electronic Music Production workshop, Gear, Keyboard, Tape Recorder

Do you have the ambition to make it as an electronic music producer in the professional music world? Want to know more about programming beats, mixing and electronic music production?

Then these sessions are perfect to kickstart your career! Tapelab offers you a complete and unique program in electronic music production!


During this course you will learn everything about electronic music production, programming, mixing and mastering music.

In addition, you will learn about the well-known 'Digital Audio Workstation' Ableton Live. Subjects like mixing techniques, MIDI-controllers, MIDI, arrangements, equalization, compression, effects, synthesis, sampling and others are discussed. You get lessons from highly experienced electronic music producers in a professional studio environment.


At the end of the 'electronic music producer' course you will be able to translate your knowledge into practice and we’ll individually guide you during the development, mixing and mastering of your productions in our professional recording studio.


For whom? Anyone interested in a career as an electronic music producer

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20 weeks, 1 evening / week (7:30PM - 10:30PM)

Your investment for the full program is 2,499.00 euro incl. VAT. To complete your registration, a 20% deposit must be paid at registration. The full amount must be paid in advance of the course. The course starts from 6 participants.


  • Theory 'Electronic Music Producer' 

  • Studio Practice in a professional studio

  • "Guest Masterclass: Electronic Music Production" under the guidance of a professional music producer 

  • "Guest Masterclass: Mastering Electronic Music" under the guidance of a Pieter De Wagter

1. Introduction to Electronic Music Production

  • What is production? 

  • History of Music Production

  • Digital Audio and DAW 

  • Studio Essentials: Audio-interfaces and Speakers

2. Songwriting

  • Basic Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers

  • Songwriting and Composition


3. DAW and arrangements

  • Ableton Live Introduction 

  • Beats: Drumracks, Percussion, Grooves and Swing

  • Audio Clips: Loops, Warping, …

  • Analog Synthesis and Synth Programming

  • FM Synthesis and Sampling

  • Bass: Sounds, Sub, …

  • Chords and Pads

  • Song Structure and Arrangements

  • FX Sounds: Risers, Downers, Build-ups and Transitions

  • MIDI and MIDI-controllers

  • Macro Mapping in Ableton Live

4. Recording

  • Recording: Basic Principles 

  • Studio Workflow and Session Schedule

  • Microphones and Pre-amps 

  • Recording Vocals 

5. Editing

  • Introduction to Audio Editing 

  • Editing Vocals

  • Remixes and DJ Edits

  • Mix Session Preparation


6. Mixing

  • Introduction to Mixing

  • Mixing in the Box

  • Insert FX and Sends

  • EQ and Frequencies

  • Compression, Sidechaining and Ducking

  • Delay and Reverb

  • Distortion, Phasers, Chorus, … 

  • Effects Racks in Ableton Live

  • Automatisation and Modulation

  • Mixing Workflow


7. Mastering

  • Introduction to Mastering

  • Punch and Loudness

  • Mastering Tools


8. Music Business

  • Releasing Music 

  • Author Rights, Neighboring Rights, Royalties

  • Publishing 

  • Marketing 

* Program subject to changes

 masterclass - mastering 

The 'Masterclass Mastering' is given by Pieter De Wagter, a mastering engineer with more than 20 years of experience.

Credits: Oscar and The Wolf, Stromae, Bazart, ...

  • Purpose of Mastering

  • History

  • Workflow

  • Mastering Session with a current hit (genre Oscar & The Wolf, Bazart, ...) 

  • Analog and Digital Mastering

  • Different Production Masters (DDP - 16BIT - 24BIT - Mastered for iTunes - Vinyl)

  • Re-mastering

  • Vinyl Mastering vs. Digital Mastering

  • Q&A

Tapelab, Mstering Worksho, Equus, Pieter De Wagter


We work according to the principle BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). This allows us to offer you a competitive price for the entire course.

Please provide the following material:

  • Laptop (Windows or Mac), charger and computer mouse

  • Ableton Live Suite Software

  • Headphones




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