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 ableton push - workshop / private course 

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Push is a new kind of music instrument. It’s a high-tech controller with a deep exclusive, integration in Ableton Live. You can make beats, powerful chords and expansive melodies without ever looking at your screen or touching a computer mouse. It’s got a massively powerful grid of touch sensitive pads that are completely adaptive to the kind of musical ideas you want to express.

But how exactly do you start making music with Ableton Push? 


Tapelab offers you a complete and unique program in Ableton Push. In this workshop / course , we’ll show you everything you need to know to get you up and running with Ableton Push!

You learn how this instrument can take you to new musical places that, until Push, you couldn't get to before using standard, off-the-shelf controllers. That’s the power of a custom instrument like Push! You get lessons from highly experienced (electronic) music producers in a professional studio environment.


For whom? Anyone interested in recording and producing music with Ableton Live.

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