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Tapela, Moog Voyager RME, Synthesizer, Keyboard, Oscillator, Filter

Tapelab is the project studio of Mintzkov synth-wizard / Part Time Punks’ producer Pascal Oorts. It’s the place to be for creative developers who consider (electronic) music production, professional audio solutions and practice-oriented education and workshops.

Pascal Oorts, Tapelab, music proucer

Oorts is a professional musician / music producer and studio engineer. Above all he is passionate about 1980's drum computers, distortion and tape delay. Over the years he has been working – to the max - with Logic Pro and Ableton Live. Oorts is a freelance audio engineer for TRIX and freelance composer / producer / mixer for - amongst others - Sonhouse, Chackie Jam, Adil, JVK, TNTS, Keith Merlin…

Hard labour with Belgian band Mintzkov got him gold on the Humo's Rock Rally in 2000. In 15 years they have recorded 5 full albums, 1 EP and quite some singles, and they have been all over Europe in a tour-van. With the live indie dance band Part Time Punks he released a single in 2016.

Since September 2019 our Ableton teacher Pascal Oorts is an Ableton Certified Trainer. Ableton Certified Trainers is a quality label offered by Ableton. Only the best and most competent trainers are certified to ensure that the Ableton Live community has access to a high standard of training.

It's all about music.


Mintzkov - Opening Fire

Mintzkov - Opening Fire
Mintzkov - Opening Fire
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Mintzkov - Mimosa (String Version)
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Part Time Punks - Go Ballistic! (feat. Matic Mouth) (Official Music Video)
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Part Time Punks - Temporary Secretary (feat. True Zebra)
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