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Tapelab is a unique recording studio, audio production house and music producer in Antwerp, Belgium.

It’s the place to be for musicians, music producers and creative developers who consider music production, professional audio solutions and practice-oriented music education, workshops and courses.

Tapelab, Recording Studio, mixing desk, mixer, mixing console
Tapelab, Music Production, Moog
Tapelab, Practice-oriented Education, Workshops, Private Lessons, Ableton Live, Macbook Pro, Minikorg, Keyboard

We provide full-service for professional recording, voice-overs, audio post production, mixing, mastering and music production at an affordable rate. Our studio is well equipped with a range of classic outboard gear, analogue synths alongside the best in soft synths and plug-ins.

The most common thing on our mind is 'production all the way'. For every inch of production - pop / rock / dance - Tapelab has got an instant solution; from recording, complete backing track programming, delivering tracks for theatre/films/games, finishing up tracks, anything about vocals to mixing.

Tapelab presents several workshops and courses. It’s my pleasure to guide you through the ins and outs of software devices such as Ableton Live, Ableton Push, Logic Pro X or let me take you to the most interesting world of (electronic) music production, synth programming, mixing and recording.

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倖田來未-KODA KUMI-『to be free』(Official Music Video)

倖田來未-KODA KUMI-『to be free』(Official Music Video)
倖田來未-KODA KUMI-『to be free』(Official Music Video)
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Video afspelen
It Doesn't Matter
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