mainstage - workshop / private course 

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Imagine Logic Pro re-imagined as a live performance powerhouse. MainStage and Logic now work as one integrated production and live performance duo and they are the perfect software for live music performers and musicians. After working hours and hours in the studio, polishing your tracks to perfection, you are now ready to perform your music in front of an audience. 

But how exactly do you take your musical creations from the studio to the stage? 


Tapelab offers you a complete and unique program in MainStage. In this course / workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know to bring your music live on stage with MainStage!

We will explain all the components, from creating the ultimate live performance template set to layering sounds and using effects in a live context. You get lessons from highly experienced live musicians in a professional studio environment.


For whom? Anyone interested in performing live music with Logic Pro MainStage.

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